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About the game

Knytt Stories is a 2007 minimalistic platformer game from Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren. Its uniqueness is that additional levels can be set in the game (which are essentially separate games, but on the KS platform). Themselves as new levels can be easily created by players using the built-in level editor. The game also features good ambient music and convenient controls. Plus, it's free. As a result, the game gained great popularity around the world, more than 3000 levels were created. And even though KS software is outdated, the game still has loyal fans who continue to play it and create new levels.

Installation the game and levels

How to install the Knytt Stories game and KS+ mod

Official links to installation files: Knytt Stories, Knytt Stories Plus, Level Editor Plus.

Or download everything in one archive (contains Knytt Stories 1.2.1, Knytt Stories Plus 1.3.8 and a program for configuring buttons on a gamepad with profiles for KS and KU). Unpack this archive in the directory where the game will always start from. You can create shortcuts for the game (file "Knytt Stories Plus.exe") and the level editor (file "Level Editor Plus.exe") on the desktop (right-click to drag to the desktop, select "Create shortcut" in the context menu that appears).

How to install a new level

Download the level setup file with the ".knytt.bin" extension. In the main menu of the game, go to the "Install Level" section (a screen with a rabbit and a strip will open). You can add a level either by dragging the file onto the game screen or through the "Browse" button in the lower right corner. The level will start to load, as the load progresses, the rabbit will jump to the right, when the load is over, the message "Finished!" and a card with the name of the level.

Game control

Key on the keyboard – Action:

It is more convenient to play with a gamepad (although in the most difficult tests, apparently on the keyboard, you can achieve greater accuracy of movements).

Signs for codes
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Code 0 Code 1 Code 2 Code 3 Code 4 Code 5 Code 6 Code 7 Code 8

Note: codes in levels can be written with these numbers, and then in the game you can press the buttons the required number of times.

Level categories (attributes):

  1. Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Lunatic.
  2. Size: Small, Medium, Large.
  3. Category: Tutorial, Challenge, Puzzle, Maze, Environmental, Playground, Misc.

Abbreviated notation of level attributes: Difficulty / Size / Category, for example N / M / C stands for Normal / Medium / Challenge.

Level Editor

Description of some of the features of the level editor.

Holding down Space will display the enlarged size of the current screen (Preview Panel).

Playing Techniques

F12 – show the coordinates of the current screen on the map (for example x1001y1020). This may be needed to report where the bugs were encountered or to discuss what is happening in this screen.

After pressing the frame button (H) – the music will start playing from the beginning (KS+).

When you need to jump onto the ledge that hangs over you, then you need to jump when the Knytt is in the middle of the point that makes up the diagonal (45 degrees?) With the point you need to catch on. You need to very accurately and quickly when jumping, first press to the side where the ledge is, and then in the opposite direction to catch on to it.

When we have an umbrella and a double jump. How to jump from ledge to ledge on the ceiling. We hold the jump and sideways towards the ledge, fly to the middle of the ledge or a little further (holding the jump to soar), then simultaneously press the jump and umbrella buttons to remove the umbrella and jump a second time and almost immediately press in the opposite direction + up to catch on to the ledge.

Longest side jump. We press to the side, run up and jump from the edge of the ledge. At the highest point of the jump, open the umbrella (sideways and the jump is clamped). Having steamed a little at the same time, press the jump and close the umbrella (this is very difficult, you can try it together or on the keyboard) and at the top point we open the umbrella again and soar until the end (sideways and the jump is clamped).

Longest and highest jumps (without umbrella). There is a jump and a doublejump, if you need to jump as far as possible to the side, then you need to jump in this direction, and do doublejumps when you are on the same line (horizontal) with the target point! But if you need to jump as high as possible, then doublejump should be pressed early.

Cheat codes and superpowers

The spoiler contains information on how to enable cheat mode (god mode) and other ways to get around difficulties. Use them only when necessary.

Ctrl Shift C – enter cheat mode (there will be a sound signal). Now you can use the following combinations to get different abilities:
Holding Space will give invulnerability, but the character freezes and cannot move. Space + right-click on the screen – will move to that location.
Space Down – will save the game in the place where Juni is (KS+). The cheat mode will remain on even when the hero dies, to exit it you need to restart the game.

In the level editor (file "Level Editor Plus.exe") you can open the loaded level and see its map. See all the screens, find where the keys are located, secret places and endings. Also in the editor you can find out the coordinates of the screens.

Level selections

Selected levels Knytt Stories
# Icon Author Level Attributes Date Rating
01 game icon Nifflas Tutorial E / S / T 2007.08.27 4.2 / 5
02 game icon Nifflas The Machine N / L / C 2007.08.27 * * * * *
03 game icon Nifflas Sky Flower H / S / C 20??.??.??
04 game icon Nifflas Gustav's Daughter H / M / C 20??.??.??
05 game icon Nifflas An Underwater Adventure H / M / P-C 20??.??.??
06 game icon Ultigonio Deep Freeze (KS+) H / L / C-P 2016.10.31
07 game icon SecretGlitch Dark Sea 2 L / L / C 2011.04.22
08 game icon Nifforum For egomassive (KS+) H / M / C 2013.10.27
09 game icon egomassive Shipwrecked (KS+) N / M / C 2010.05.05
10 game icon Talps I Dreamed of the Sky H / L / C-P 2012.06.22
11 game icon Fubaka Cosmic Meltdown H-L / L / C 2013.02.03
12 game icon Vegetal Gibber Exploring the Golden Land (KS+) N / M / E-P 2016.01.27
13 game icon Jerom Marine H / M / C 2011.02.27
14 game icon Sergio Cornaga & Gliperal An Impeccable Cat Hunt H / S / P 2018.11.11
15 game icon PeppyHare4000 Within the Treetops H-L / M / C 2011.07.09
16 game icon Purple Pineapple Grey N / S / P 2010.02.18

Where to begin. What levels and in what order should you play if this is your first time launching Knytt Stories.
  1. Nifflas – Tutorial. The first was not a chicken or an egg, but a tutorial from Nifflas.
  2. Nifflas – The Machine. Classic classic, this is the main level for all times, it is with it that the game KS is associated. But it is quite long and confusing, if you want to start with something more cheerful, then you can try option #3 first.
  3. Nifflas – Sky Flower. Handsome, with great challenges, short and dynamic – you can't help but fall in love.
  4. Nifflas – Gustav's Daughter. Another intense level, with increased difficulty. This is an excellent training ground for the skills of passing tests.
The best challenges (Challenge). The most prestigious category. Usually the difficulty level corresponds to Hard, too difficult levels are included in the Lunatic selection.
  1. Ultigonio – Deep Freeze. Original passage mechanics, original soundtrack, interesting and unique challenges. Great level.
Difficulty Lunatic. Levels that you will never complete.
  1. SecretGlitch – Dark Sea 2. An excellent level, everyone should try it, and when you decide that you cannot go further, continue to enjoy watching the passage on YouTube.
  2. PeppyHare4000...
Short. When you only have 5 minutes.
  1. Sewers...
  2. One screen puzzle...
Scenic, cinematic.
  1. ...

List of selected levels from GrayFace (author of KS Ex mod).

List of selected levels from Mitorun (author of this site).

The selections are made up of ratings from experienced players. If you think that a game is missing (or, on the contrary, something has been added undeservedly), then send your options for a selection and rating of the best games (top 20).


Screenshots, music, maps ...

SiamJai's Guide to Knytt Stories Level Editor – open.

Game ideas

Ideas for improving Knytt Stories. Or rather, what a new game Knytt World might look like, which will take all the best from Knytt Stories and make it more modern and of higher quality.
  • The game should be able to run in full screen, in a window (real size and x2), on Android and iOS.
  • When Junie dies, the transition must be black (or gray). The white transition is very annoying as it is now, especially if you play the dark level (or watch the passage) on the big screen and in the dark.
  • Increase the frame rate (60/120 fps?) So that all movements are smooth.
  • Make the aspect ratio of the playing space standard for most screens, 16x9, or close to it.
  • Screen map (similar to Knytt Underground). It's good if it will be created automatically. In the map, I would like to see where there are transitions (direct, not hidden), and where there is a dead end. Scroll the entire map. When creating a level, the author can disable the map (enabled by default), but with the cheat code it can still be enabled.
  • The ability to easily translate dialogues in levels into different languages. You can make automatic machine translation into the main languages, and add a language selection in the game settings.
  • Embed button assignment functions for gamepads into the game.
  • At the top of the game window, where it says "Knytt Stories Plus 1.2.1" – write the name of the current level and the author.
  • In the menu, display if the game has been completed, if the game has started and when the game has never been started. You can add anchors to the levels for the main ending and for all hidden endings (100% completion) – when the player enters this state, the information that he passed it is recorded in the game menu (until the game is deleted).
  • Anti-aliasing should not be applied to the game when zooming, the picture should remain pixelated, with clear outlines. Or let the player choose the anti-aliasing in the settings.
Good manners when creating levels.
  • Each individual screen of the game should be an interesting complete action, the more cool there is, the better. It is not advisable to lengthen one idea over several screens. For example, it is bad to make complex transitions between screens like in climbing walls.
  • There should not be a senseless running around, each screen should carry some kind of thought-goal.
  • At the beginning of the game, you cannot make difficult-to-pass places, especially on which you can not understand what to do at all. This is annoying and the player will want to delete the level altogether.
  • Saving in difficult places should not be placed too close, the player should try the game. At the same time, it should be interesting to go through these difficult places themselves over and over again, so that sticking to them does not seem like a mockery, and the passage of a difficult place arouses pride (delight).
  • Saving BEFORE and AFTER a difficult place should not be far apart. TO the place – because every time dying during the passage is stupid and annoying to get to this place for a long time. And AFTER – because it is unnerving that the player's success is under threat until he is saved, and saving will be his reward for his efforts.
  • Don't make the same screens unnecessarily. For a player with no memory strain, screens should not evoke the sensation of déjà vu unless it is done on purpose, for example.
  • It is necessary that the colors do not merge, so that all the elements are pleasant and clearly distinguishable.
  • Good / bad level design games: dessgeega – Knytt Syndromes, PsychoCola – Museum of Bad Lvl Design, HeadGrinder – Badly Built Level.
What can be improved on or when creating a new site with a library of games for Knytt World.
  • Rename the Column "Age" to "Date" and indicate there the day the file was loaded in the format YYYY.MM.DD.
  • You can remove the "Size" column – it does not carry important information, the file size will almost never affect the decision to download it or not, and the "Attribute" will say about the size of the level.
  • Design and add a rating system for the levels. You can make a complex rating with several criteria (general, tests, beauty, originality ...).
  • Optional screenshots of the game can be added to the game cards (so that you can clearly see what to expect from it).
  • Probably it is necessary to make sure that users cannot delete games from the site and change their display, only through an appeal to the administrator.
  • Make a selection-recommendations on various topics (for example, for beginners, hard and sleepwalking tests, beautiful adventure games ...).
  • You can display site statistics: how many levels, how many bytes they occupy, the average size of the game (total bytes / number of levels), the number of authors ...
  • We need to make a page with site manuals. There, describe all the features and settings of the site, thoughts and ideas. Describe recommendations on how to rate.
  • Write articles-texts about the game, the editor, enemies, game tricks, codes ...

This is an experimental page dedicated to the game Knytt Stories. I would like to make a full-fledged site, on a separate domain, which will collect all the interesting information about the universe of Knytt games. For this I will need help creating content and editing the English version of the site. Discussion on the forum. Please send any ideas, links and content on the game and the site to these contacts.

The rights to the game Knytt Stories, its elements, levels, music, mods belong to their creators. This website does not bring material benefits, it was created for training in the layout of sites, as an example of a page with Knytt Stories levels and to popularize this legendary game from Nicklas Nifflas Nygren.

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